Sunday, February 03, 2008

Metrorock Climbing League: Week 3

Well, as I sit here in the disparity of watching the Pats blow the chance at a perfect season, I can say that the difference between the MassClimbers climbing team and the leaders is 280 points; one great week's worth of climbing, and I'm not that worried about that gap.

You see, the season is six weeks long and, because folks go on vacation and the organizers of the league understand this, only the top four weeks count. We are only in week three at the moment, so all weeks count at this point. Once we get past week four, our lowest point total will get dropped. And it is for certain that our lowest week total has already been achieved: week two when both "Gecko" and "TMR" went away and didn't get any points (I was also sick and scored less than 60 points, which, by the way, is probably the standard point total for a team in any given week).

I'm not that worried about it because "Gecko" and "TMR" have each been pushing the envelope with "Gecko" leading most 5.11s in order to get the bonus points for leadings, and "TMR" is just starting to get back on to 5.11, thus getting her the bonus points for climbing about her division (5.10). I'm still chugging along at the standard 60 points because I won't be climbing a 5.12 clean any time soon nor will I be getting any 5.11s on lead anytime soon either. I'm not sure how "RRC" has been doing because he doesn't climb the same nights that we do, but that's OK. I know he's climbing and I know he's getting us some points.

Now, being 280 points behind is tough. I mean, we get 250-260 on a regular basis (due to "Gecko"'s and "TMR"'s bonus points), so 280 is doable if we all have a stellar week at some point. Also, if any of the leading group's members go on vacation (school vacation is coming up), then they will lose points that way. However, if they don't go on vacation, then they can continue to search for their highest four-week total. Either way, we have work to do. I guess I need to step up and get some more points in the coming weeks and hope that we can close the gap slowly over time.

Of course, gaining on the top team means nothing if the five teams in between us and the leaders don't falter either. Gulp!

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