Thursday, February 28, 2008

MetroRock Climbing League: WINNERS ANNOUNCED!!!!

You heard it here, folks, finishing in second place in the first ever MetroRock Climbing League is none other than your hometown climbing team: MASSCLIMBERS!!! WHOOP!

I saw the announcement in the MetroRock newsletter:

New Adult Climbing League
Session2 starts starting March 10th and ending April 20th

Welcome to the MetroRock Adult Climbing League session II. This informal, casual league is a great way to add a little spice to your climbing, meet new people, overcome new challenges, improve your climbing and most of all have some fun! It is specifically designed for climbers of ALL abilities, so whether you've never tied into a rope before or are the next Chris Sharma come join and see what it's all about.

League session - is six weeks; starting Monday, March 10th and ending Sunday, April 20th

Challenge yourself to earn points each week. The harder you climb, the bigger your score - top teams win CASH!


Detailed rules and requirements click HERE!

But what's even funnier is the ensuing conversation that went on after the announcement:

From Greg: So, uh, check out the bottom of the third story down!!!! WOOHOO!!!
From Gecko: HOLY GEBUS!!!!! We got 2nd place!!!??? MassClimbers RULES!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!! !!!!!
From Gammie: Congrats. I'm a little more interested in the sleep over thing mentioned at the bottom. Could be interesting ....
From Greg: Yeah, but I'd probably want drunken naked climbing or something. So I imagine I'm not invited.
From Gammie Brings new meaning to crack climbing. I definitely wouldn't want to belay a guy climbing the chimney. :)
From Greg: *ROLLING*

I'm sure I'm not the only one rolling right now. TMR has consistently requested that we not chat on the group so she doesn't have to recieve the e-mails. Well, whatever, we're boys (except for her) and we're having fun.

To quote "Gecko" again: MassClimbers RULES!!!

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