Friday, January 25, 2008

MetroRock Climbing League: Week 2

Not going to say much except that we plummeted in the standings. "TMR" was trying to jump out of planes in 44mph winds in Florida for the week while "Gecko" was playing "too-dumb-to-know-that-I'm-snowboarding-with-killer-trees" in Utah at the same time. I was sick and thus scored a less-than-stellar 45 points (60 points per week is the goal - at least). I don't know how "RRC" scored, but he e-mailed me earlier this week complaining about our score (see! the infighting has begun). But all four of us are back this week, and because "TMR" pushed her limits last night to score 65 points, we came up with a song to commemorate her performance:

is our super-star
she climbed the hard-est
by far

No, we didn't steal it from a certain Andrew Llyod Webber rock opera (tongue-in-cheek).

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