Sunday, June 01, 2008


"Ratherbe" and I tried to get "Gecko" his first time on non-TR rock this weekend only to get turned back by rain for the second time. The first time was supposed to be a one-day jaunt up to Rumney, but that also got rained out, too.

But the day wasn't a total waste. We took "Gecko" up to the face of Cathedral and showed him a couple of the climbs we had thought about doing. He later said that it was good for him to see the cliff like that because he had never been so close to a rock face that big before. Surely, he had hiked past things such as this, but never so close before.

After walking in the rain at the base for a bit, we headed up the road to Diana's Baths, which are a series of cool-looking waterfalls. The hike was a compromise between me (the non-hiker) and "Gecko" and "Ratherbe" (the hiking enthusiasts). We did a small hike, but not a long one, so that the day wasn't a total waste of gas, money, and time. The ride back was uneventful (at least that's what I think, as I was asleep for a chunk of it).

All in all, "Ratherbe" and I didn't get our final tune-up for Yosemite in. Too bad, but I think we'll be OK. Wish us luck!

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