Monday, April 07, 2008

Rock Fall in the 'Gunks

Holy shit, I damn near forgot to tell you about the rock fall. I don't have much detail, but "Ratherbe" and I were walking on the carriage path toward Limelight Sunday morning when we passed the Shockley's Ceiling area. We were walking along and heard someone yell "ROCK!" We instinctively looked up, to see what had fallen, but both of us anticipated not seeing anything, figuring it was just a small rock. But NO! It was a huge block instead. I'm unsure of the size, but it was big enough to make me cringe as soon as I saw it. It must have been a couple to a few feet in length or width. It fell from what we think is the top of Strickley From Nowhere, and it took out part of a tree that was directly below it. There is a good-sized scar about 20 feet off the ground where it split up. Thankfully everyone was OK, but it did sever one of the double ropes that the team was using. There were people below, and they were lucky. That was definitely the most dramatic rock fall I've ever seen.

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