Saturday, April 12, 2008

Local Update

Despite the fact that the heavy rains that were scheduled to roll into Massachsetts early in the day didn't show up until later (and, thus, kept folks like me wrongly relegated to the gym instead of being outside), I am a bit more optimistic about climbing in New England this spring.

From what I understand, Farley Ledge and Rose Ledge each have a little bit of snow on the trails, but the routes are clean of snow themselves. The morning sun is making climbing there easy after rain, but it is making life difficult for those who want to park there. Apparently, the mud in the main parking area is keeping folks from parking. The lot only holds eight cars when dry, and the mud is lowering that number down to five or six. The overflow lot has also been found to be on private land. Thus far, there are no complaints, but as this place grows, there could be issues down the line. Hopefully a reasonable plan is being made in order to take an increased popularity into consideration. It would be a pity if Farley were to be closed due to poor planning.

As for Rumney, there's no fear of that being closed, but the conditions are surprisingly similar to Farley. There is snow on the trails, but the routes are dry. Yipee!

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