Friday, April 27, 2007

Gym Time Yet Again

This past weekend we were blessed with just the right amount of sunshine. It blasted through the early-morning clouds and dispersed in between the empty tree branches, leaving us warm when we've been so depressingly cold and wet. The rock was wet in some places, but it was dry enough to bring smiles to our faces and rigid shapes to our fingertips. We winced as we pulled against the jagged crimps because we felt we had to; to keep the weather gods from raining on our parade, and in some circumstances we felt the fear of absent light creeping in, so we had to get a few more climbs in as the sun set and the Meadows at Rumney grew dark.

And then there was Wednesday - a return of the rain that we have been trying to avoid all spring. It rained Wednesday, was nice Thursday and poured again today, Friday, so that any notion of hope that the walls would be dry by sunup were destroyed by the noon-time downpour.

I climbed at the gym Wednesday with an old partner who is becoming more committed than he has in the past. We were joined by a newcomer to the group. He will be a good addition. We all felt strong.

I'm not convinced the 5.11s at the gym are harder than 5.11s outside. I ran another one clean, and climbed the first half of an 11c very well my first time on it. Yes, the second half was full of falls and dynamic stabs in the dark at slopers I had no business snagging, but I felt strong throughout most of the night. I feel I have surpassed yet another plateau. Here's hoping my next ceiling doesn't hit until the winter.

Another gym day tomorrow. Maybe I'll set a route, maybe I'll get a needed good-night's sleep and write. That is what I will do. Yes, I'll write and rest. Sunday is another day. I will see you all at Quincy Quarry...if it is dry.

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