Monday, October 18, 2004

My First Post

This is my first climbing post. I hope that you can check out my other blogs if you get a chance, but please remember that they are not about climbing.

I am itching to get back out there after a 7-week absence. The last time I got out was at Crow Hill in Leominster. Had a good time leading but the tenderness of my elbow got to me. I had hurt it bouldering a week or so earlier in Bar Harbor. Bryan took me out to Monument Cove (just before Otter Cliffs on the Ocean Drive) and there were some pumpy problems that had compact starts. A lot of lunging and grasping for holds that would have been better used without a good body jolt. Most of them had sit start, unless you started on the mini roof, then you started on your flat back. It was the roof that got me I think. Pretty easy to twist your way up to the next hold, but if you have lost a lot of upper body strength as I have the past eight months or so you end up lunging more than twisting calmly. As a result, my elbow took a lot of the impact that my back and shoulders should have absorbed.

But I am feeling better. I think my elbow may finally be getting back into shape. At least it does not feel as tender as it had before. I gave a good rest, not even lifting in the gym. And now that a new gym has opened up in Everett (across from Target) called the Metro Rock Gym, I am hoping to get a good winter's worth of climbing in.

Of course this means getting a new job. This job just does not pay enough for me to get a membership, and the winter hours (70+ from February through July) are simply not flexible enough to allow me to get anywhere beyond my small world. Having Penny not wanting to climb anymore really takes wind from my sails, but I can find new partners. After all, I did find Donna and Danny (though I have not heard from them in a while).

Well, that is my first post. Please feel free to comment or add to the conversation. If you post something that is worth repeating, I will re-post it for all the world to see.

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