Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Is it possible to make that life change to climbing?

Believe me, I have thought about this many times. If I did not have the moral attachment to doing what is supposedly right in this world then I would be living off of recycled cans and caves somewhere. But I choose to remain loyal to my student loans, my professional ambitions (which are very real) and my hope that I will one day be able to raise a family and send my kids off to a good college. These dreams are not bad. I mean, some people would say these ambitions are a waste of time, but I believe that you can cut and paste my list with other ambitions to fit anyone. People have to make choices in their lives and they usually do so out of survival instincts (no, not the "living in the mountains on berries" survival instincts). Just because someone chooses not to go in one direction does not mean that they are wrong-headed.

Or does it?

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