Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Hey folks,

I just wanted to let you know two things: 1) that Greg and Jeremiah's Climbing Blog is definitely not going away and; 2) another venue has been added to the list of places to read about our adventures.

We first started out as Greg's Climbing Blog, which was sporadically published with a few of Greg's climbing adventures. Then Jeremiah came aboard and he added a different flavor. Instead of Greg's fight against fear we now started seeing commentary on a climber's life. This is the point where the blog began to grow to where it is today. From there we added Greg's Route Index, a an organized way to research all of the climbs that Greg has done; from campfire stories to route descriptions, to photos of each pitch, it's all there. Under this new format the blog has thrived and is currently enjoying it's best season ever by number of readers. Thanks to everyone for reading. We honestly appreciate this!

And now our expansion has continued to Greg has taken on the task of becoming a Reader Blogger for the storied magazine's on-line edition. He is very excited about this opportunity and plans to write more commentary than ever before. So please visit the site today and check back often.

And there's more, too! We're in the early stages of creating a review page (it's now up) where we review gear, restaurants, and accommodations in climbing areas. That site is still under construction, but we're getting there. We thank you for your patience.

Also to come is Jeremiah's newest series called A Guide's Life: seeing life through a climbing guide's eyes. This will be his commentary on life as a climbing guide with all of its ups and downs. It is sure to be a good read.

Again, we can't thank you enough for all of your support. Please keep coming back. We promise more adventure and great stories, and I'm sure we'll find even more new stuff to write about going forward.


Greg and Jeremiah


Jon said...

The route index is fantastic. Some great reading and beta in there. Although it'll take me some time to go through it, or at least until my next ankle sprain.

g said...

Thanks. That's the first comment on the index, I think. I'm glad it has worked out.

Obviously, it is continually under construction.