Saturday, December 01, 2007

Red Rocks - Day Six - Getting One More Climb In

I can't say that Red Rocks is ugly anymore. I've had too many experiences the past few days that have struck me in such a positive way that I'm sad to be going home. This post is going to be a quick one that will have the three climbs we did that morning and a some photos that didn't make the other posts.

Ultraman Wall - First Pullout

Scent of the Ultraman (5.7) - 110 feet - Sport - Greg and "Tattoo" led

This was our warmup route at 630am on the day we were to fly out. Gotta love the fact that we didn't read the damn book. Because my rope wasn't dry from falling into the pool on Dark Shadows, we only brought "Tattoo"'s 60m rope. Well, guess what doesn't equal 110 feet when folded in half...that's right, a 60m rope. Good thing there was a walk-off spot about ten feet above the bottom of the route. Jesus, I was pissed at myself.

Climb the slab on the far left of the wall, but not as far as the right-facing corner / roof. This route will end just below a smaller roof to the right of the feature I just described. This was a nice, easy route, but I was so pissed that we had not seen height of this route. We came to this wall to do the ultra-classic Ultraman (5.8+), but had to walk away because there was no walk off from Ultraman like there was Scent of the Ultraman. It was a wasted 30 minutes, too, because I really wanted to give A Fraction of the Action (5.10b) on Tiger Wall a go before leaving, but this waste of time prevented that.
Panty Wall - First Pullout

Great name for a wall, eh?

Brief Encounter (5.8) - 65 feet - Sport - Greg and "Tattoo" led

This is the left-most bolted route on the wall. Great climb. Just follow the bolts and chicken heads to the top. It never feels exposed or committing. Feels more like a 5.7 to me.

Sacred Undergarment Squeeze Job (5.8) - 60 feet - Sport - Greg and "Tattoo" led

This is the the route directly to the right of Brief Encounter. Same kind of climb, in fact, except this felt more like a 5.8.

After these three climbs, we hurried down to Tiger Wall just in case I had time to get on A Fraction of the Action. We didn't have time, and so I simply scounted the route for the next time. The next time...the next time...The. Next. Time.

But who cares about that, here's some "left-out" pics from the rest of the trip.

<- Greg on Birdland
Way up on Crimson Chrysalis -> "Tattoo" at the bottom of Dark Shadows/\

<- "Tattoo" taking a break at the end of the day One last, long look before going home ->

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