Thursday, August 30, 2007

Adirondacks - Fall Trip

So I was supposed to go to Cannon this weekend, but "Jello" has car problems (bad alignment = blown tire on the way to Philly from Cathedral - bummer) and thought he needed more time to get his car fixed. He felt it was best if I drove up to the 'Dacks and hit Cannon next weekend instead, after his car got fixed. I'm OK with that, but I had tentative plans of going to the 'Dacks with other people. This meant that I could have driven with someone, shared the costs of the trip and had company for five hours of driving. Now, that looks unlikely. But in some aspects, it is also a good thing (I doubt my original partners will go up this weekend - too many obstacles in my mind). I think he and I will be able to climb more routes and do what we want to do. We'll be more efficient and productive at the same time. But we'll see.

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