Saturday, June 23, 2007

Adirondacks - Sunday: Rain and The Rest of the Trip

We awoke to dry skies on Sunday, and that perculated our hopes enough that we felt we stood a good chance of beating the weather and getting a good, day-two of climbing in. The desired destination was Washbowl Cliff in Keene Valley, which was essentially across the street from where we parked the day before at Beer Walls.

Screw it, there's just too damn much to write. It rained. We climbed a bit in the rain at Beer Walls and then went to Lake Placid. "Jello" and I sat in the rain later on at his place with a good-sized fire roaring and chicken breasts cooking on a stone that we threw into the fire. It was good chicken, and I'm damn surprised at how fires can survive even with steady downpours. That fire didn't go out until the next day.

Anyway, we bouldered again at Mackenzie Boulders on Monday before heading back. Our trip back was easier and, despite the slow driving, we made good time on Route 2 from Troy, NY. I'll be going back in September to do a 12-pitch 5.7 with "Jello" if we can get the same time off. I really looking forward to it.

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