Monday, June 06, 2005


Been reading about climbing fitness lately as I have been attempting to find ways to improve my grade. Honestly, the first problem that I have is my weight (180 lbs at 5'8"). I need to be around 170 lbs to be effective (anything lower than that just does not feel right. I am not convinced that 165 lbs is a good weight for me. I feel too weak at that weight). But I want to lose weight the proper way and find a way to replace the fat with relevant muscle. At the same time, I want to be able to expand my physical capabilities. Going to the gym seemed to hurt my climbing as I regard climbing to be a strength-building exercise. To save money, I quit the gym so that I could focus my strength conditioning on climbing. To get my cardio excercise in I have taken up walking home from work (a 90 minute walk from Kenmore Square to Davis Square in Somerville).

I have been reading this book called - Climbing: Training for Peak Performance by Clyde Soles. This book is fantastic. Not only does he talk about the body, mind, spirit and soul, but also he goes into practical detail by giving examples of the kind of foods you can or should not eat for several cuisines. Very nice. I recommend this book highly. He bases so much on real science and gives options to work out the best approach to each individual's needs and desires. Very well done.

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