Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Saturday's Climbing

Hit the Metro Rock Gym Saturday with the hopes of returning to my past glories of scaling tough indoor walls. It was nice to get there because I was able to easily get up a couple of 5.9's right off the bat, but within an hour of climbing I was completely pumped. Not having climbed in two months due to my bum elbow really depleted my energy and endurance. But I was still psyched to get out and go up.

I recently accepted a new job that will have much better hours and a much better pay scale than my current job. This should allow me to get to the gym much more frequently and hopefully get me into the spring in good shape.

I met Katie and her sister Bonnie, who had arrived at 9am to take a three-hour class before me, and we climbed together for a while after their class. But when they were leaving, which was only an hour after I had arrived (and for good reason, they were tired), Katie bumped into another girl named Helen. She had just arrived and was looking for someone to climb with, so that we did. She was a beginner as well, but who cared? All I wanted was a belay and she turned out to be someone who wanted to listen and was willing to try a route until she completed. That was nice to see.

Anyway, hope my climbing group can finally get off its ass and into the gym. Haven't heard anything from them in a while.

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